I can’t ever find the “right” words to describe Barbados. Simply put, it was beautiful. And I’ll tell you why:

-First and foremost, free schooling.

-Secondly, free beaches (even where privately owned hotels, homes, and resorts are). They believe that nature is God-given, therefore, it’s everyone’s.

-Third, awesome, fresh food. No McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. is allowed on the island.

-Fourth, the people are super respectful and nice.

-Fifth, they love their nature. The cattle is grass-fed and the foods natural. All greenery is well taken care of.

-Sixth, unemployment is incredibly low, thus, crime is tremendously low as well. Actually, their biggest problem is termites.

-Last but not least, the government helps its poor. Vast acres of land are being used to construct beautiful new homes for the poor.

I might have missed some things, but I think I covered what stood out the most to me. If you get the chance, visit Barbados. I wish I remembered my tour guide’s name because he was a huge part of making this trip incredible, but I can bet you that they’re all superb.



Morning Quote

“The person who, as we say, “talks like a book” has a style (probably an annoying one), and the person who keeps saying, “Uh, you know what I mean” has a style too (different, but equally annoying).” 

Lovely Times

When I’m out and about discovering different places, I gain insight into the most hard-to-understand parts of myself … It’s as if being the closest to my true happiness. I feel so free and tall. My ego enjoys a few days of high-quality attention and my mind expands as it soaks in the new, while releasing old stress and mood-killing vibes. As I count the days for my return, I contemplate my life and wonder how I can incorporate those days into my everyday. Having experienced true happiness, I make myself responsible for my upcoming days and hours. Not a single soul can take away what I’ve seen, nor can I unlearn what I’ve experienced. From now on I walk with a different perspective and thank the universe for allowing me to grow and expand in the magnificent ways that I’ve been blessed with.